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Dadgame (2009)
(Solo Project)
2D Action Adventure Platformer 
Design / Art / Code / Music

  • 4.2 million plays, 92% player rating

  • 25th best rated and 72nd most played game on Newgrounds
  • Developed a full "Story" mode:
    • 4 levels
    • 5 boss battles
    • 3 hidden bosses battles
    • Cutscenes
  • Designed and implemented 4 additional game modes:
    • Target Practice: Hit moving targets on a shrinking platform.  Fight a secret boss
    • Tower of Destiny: Climb increasingly tall tower while fighting off a horde of enemies
    • Boss Rush: Fight against all Story mode bosses in sequence
    • Mecha-Death Challenge: Fight a secret boss with cinematic quick time events
  • Developed many notable features:
    • Fighting-game-like advanced move set for high skill players
    • Custom-built physics system​
    • Unique combo system based around juggling multiple airborne objects
    • "Police chase" system that sends AI units and applies pressure on players 
    • Accessory system that adds modifiers to gameplay

Video / Media

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