Ray James Pencil 

Game Designer

Ray Pencil is a half-Japanese game designer who gained notoriety from his Flash projects on  He specializes in action games and has a special love for designing boss battles.


Since 2013, Ray has been working for Spry Fox. Recently, as a game designer on "Steambirds: Alliance," he designed and implemented 14 procedurally generated dungeons, 35 unique boss battles, 11 open world biomes, and many game mechanics and systems.

In 2004, Ray published Newgrounds' 3rd most viewed animation, "Dad's Home." In 2009, Ray's first game, "Dadgame," received a 92% positive rating from over 4 million players. His projects on Newgrounds have accrued over 14 million plays total.

For his independent game projects, Ray does all of his own design, art, music, animation, sound design, and coding.


Cozy Grove (2021)
(Spry Fox)
Village Sim

Role: Game Designer



  • Designed 7 procedurally generated biomes using hierarchical sets of objects. 

  • Developed systems for gracefully displaying randomly generated elements.

  • Implemented content such as quests, items, art assets.

  • Other tasks: Art asset implementation, art pipeline process evaluation and improvements


Steambirds: Alliance
(Spry Fox) (2019)
"Shoot 'em up" MMO

Role: Game Designer

  • Designed 35 unique boss battles.

  • Scripted AI on 300+ units.

  • Designed 14 procedurally generated dungeons with unique game mechanics. ​​

  • Developed and implemented systems:

    • Arena-style encounters with waves of enemies

    • Classic “vertical-scrolling Shmup” levels

    • Tutorials with complex NPCs, advanced crafting progression

    • Bullet hell patterns/mechanics

    • “Controller” units that oversee complex combat scenarios, etc. 

  • Authored content for: Quests, weapons, equipment, items, events, modifiers, etc.

  • Other tasks: Assisted with art/sound direction, audio engineering, balanced content in response to player feedback, hosted dev streams on Twitch.


NekoBako (2018)
(Solo Project)
"Shoot 'em up" MMO

Art / Animation / Code / Music


  • Designed a unique puzzle mechanic: Push cats with synchronized movement into walls and sort their positions so they all reach their goals (boxes) at the same time
    (Inspired by r/perfectfit)


  • Implemented 2 game modes:

    • Puzzle Mode: 34 hand-made levels that teach you the basic game mechanics

    • Endless Challenge: Procedurally generated levels with increasing difficulty.

  • Designed additional puzzle mechanics:

    • Puddles that remove cats from the board

    • Portals that teleport cats

  • Featured in Seattle Indies Expo 2018


Spider: Downloaded
(Solo Project) (2015)
2D Action Adventure Platformer 

Art / Animation / Code / Music

  • Developed a tight movement system tuned for accuracy and speed running

  • Developed an fine-tuned elastic-rope-swinging physics system

  • Designed 52 platformer levels​​

  • Designed 9 boss fights with unique puzzles and mechanics

  • Designed dozens of traps, obstacles, and platformer mechanics

  • Developed a 'Time Attack' game mode ("Spider: Ghost")

    • Replay all levels as a race against a rival AI character

    • Features new music and psychedelic remixes of the original game's backgrounds

  • Featured in Seattle Indies Expo 2015

Road Not Taken (2014)
(Spry Fox)
Puzzle Adventure

Role: Level / Puzzle Designer


  • Designed dozens of puzzle rooms with built-in permutations for added replayability

  • Developed puzzle elements using complex object interactions

  • Prototyped items and enemies with unique interactive properties
  • Tuned and balanced gameplay through extensive playtesting

  • QA testing


Dadgame (2009)
(Solo Project)
2D Action Adventure Platformer 

Art / Animation / Code / Music

  • 4.2 million plays, 92% player rating

  • 25th best rated and 72nd most played game on Newgrounds
  • Developed a full "Story" mode:
    • 4 levels
    • 5 boss battles
    • 3 hidden bosses battles
    • Cutscenes
  • Designed and implemented 4 additional game modes:
    • Target Practice: Hit moving targets on a shrinking platform.  Fight a secret boss
    • Tower of Destiny: Climb increasingly tall tower while fighting off a horde of enemies
    • Boss Rush: Fight against all Story mode bosses in sequence
    • Mecha-Death Challenge: Fight a secret boss with cinematic quick time events
  • Developed many notable features:
    • Fighting-game-like advanced move set for high skill players
    • Custom-built physics system​
    • Unique combo system based around juggling multiple airborne objects
    • "Police chase" system that sends AI units and applies pressure on players 
    • Accessory system that adds modifiers to gameplay


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